• Russian painter, one of the founders of the art group „Amanita“.
  • Born in 1959 in Moscow. He studied at the famous Moscow Special School № 16. Together with his former classmates, Vladimir Kara-Murza, Sergei Mironenko, Vladimir Mironenko and joined them Konstantin Zvezdochetov and Alexei Kamensky in 1978 he created the famous art group „Amanita“
  • In 2009, he played one of the leaders of the encyclopedic network project „Runivers“.
  • The Rock Band „Central Russian Upland“was founded in 1986 by artists Sven Gundlahom, Nikolai Ovchinnikov, Nikita Alexeev and others [4]. Invented this art project conceptual artist deliberately declared themselves simulative rock band, but, to their surprise, a group of „Central Russian upland“ progressive music community perceived vserez.

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