The institut for russian contemporary art is a private, non-profit initiative to make the Western public acquainted with Russian contemporary art. Russian contemporary art is hardly noticed in the Western art world. Reasons for that are multifarious. The complex artistic language is often ornamented with Cyrillic hieroglyphs and social allusions, which are not understood in the West – among other things because knowledge about the historical background is lacking. As a consequence, the actors of the Russian art scene primarily address the native public; most publications about Russian artists (like, e.g., exhibition catalogues, websites, or announcements of exhibitions) appear in Russian.

At a closer look, you find a vital art scene in Russia. Apart from the two centres St. Petersburg and Moscow, there is an increasing intention also in provincial towns to concede contemporary art an important place in society. It hence seems to be a question of time that names of Russian artists will be established in Western art world. The institut for russian contemporary art wants to substantially contribute to that.

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